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Student Research Seminar inspires Journal Club

Research Achievements

Student Research Seminar inspires Journal Club

The Student Research Seminar inspired a similarly formatted Journal Club entitled "Classic and Current Papers at the Interface of Engineering and the Life Sciences." Objectives included diverse exposure to interdisciplinary research topics and experience/feedback regarding communication across disciplines. Registration soared to 27 participants, including 14 current IGERT members and 13 potential recruits! One trainee commented, "It is significant that both of these classes started as student suggestions and emerged as student-run and student-organized courses. First, it empowered me and my peers to communicate across disciplines and take initiative to make adjustments to the IGERT Program. Second, it shows that the faculty are open to suggestions and committed to interdisciplinary education." Student-driven curriculum has profoundly impacted our program by energizing a proactive spirit of interdisciplinary interaction among student cohorts and attracting future members.