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Trainee develops and co-instructs lab module

Research Achievements

Trainee develops and co-instructs lab module

Nathaniel Clark (IGERT trainee), developed and co-instructed a lab module entitled "Introduction to Cell Culture," whereby students learned to set up and passage insect cells using sterile technique for large (lab-scale) cell culture. Students conducted protein expression experiments, performed activity assays to determine expression levels, and counted cells using a hemacytometer and a Cedex analyzer. Attuned to graduate students' desire for interaction with industry, Nat invited his industrial collaborators from WAVE Bioreactor (GE Healthcare) and Genzyme to participate. Nat's effective style was highly regarded in course feedback: "This was an excellent course. The use of guest speakers representing several different perspectives on the overall set of techniques being examined was really an excellent idea. This course, more than others I have taken, succeeded in providing a truly multidisciplinary outlook during the necessarily brief time available for instruction."