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Working in tandem with NIH-IMSD fellowship program

Research Achievements

Working in tandem with NIH-IMSD fellowship program

We have the great fortune to operate congruently with an NIH-IMSD fellowship program with similar objectives. As such, we work in tandem to expand the training opportunities for our students and a significant benefit is the offering of a diverse set of professional development workshops. Our trainees participated in three successful workshops about a wide-range of topics. "Skills for Success" provided an individual student assessment of academic strengths and weaknesses and a plan for maximizing achievement. "Skills for Negotiation" focused on communication tools for conflict resolution. "Effective College Teaching" was an extensive look at how to develop, plan, and implement a university-level curriculum. It was particularly well received, because it also dealt with some basic strategies for managing a class and interacting with students, which could be used during TA assignments.