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Trainee integrates cross-disciplinary courses

Research Achievements

Trainee integrates cross-disciplinary courses

The IGERT traineeship allowed Trainee Jess Long the flexibility and encouragement to integrate courses from many disciplines into her plan of study. Ms. Long has attended three conferences this year- two in Madison on interdisciplinary environmental work and one in Washington DC focused on Geography where she presented a poster of preliminary results for her Master's thesis and had the opportunity to meet with several potential collaborators. She is exploring at least two potential research synergies with IGERT fellows from other disciplines. This summer she is traveling to Peru to attend a meetings with her advisor on the design of Payments for Ecosystem Service projects in the region where she does her research. She will begin her field season collecting more information on rural livelihoods and forest use. Ms. Long won a Field Study Award from the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers and a Student Research Award from the Nave Foundation to support her proposed research.