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Encouraging trainees to work in teams

Research Achievements

Encouraging trainees to work in teams

Our ongoing goal is to encourage CHANGE students to work on publishable-quality environmental scholarship in interdisciplinary teams. Collaborations begun in last spring's CHANGE classes resulted in a published book review (Hidayat, Dadit G., and Stuhl, Andrew. (2010) "Review of Environmental Change and Globalization: Double Exposures by Robin M. Leichenko and Karen L. O'Brien" Environmental Science and Policy 13:86-87). A book review produced by students in a prior year's CHANGE cohort was also published during this reporting period (Madden, Erin F., Megan M. Raby, and Anne J. Shudy Palmer. Book Review: Weathering Risk in Rural Mexico by Hallie Eakin in Society and Natural Resources vol. 20 issue 10: 6-8). Every year trainees and associates cite this as one of their most challenging and rewarding assignments. Their goal is always to write a review that critically evaluates the book while avoiding the disciplinary jargon that can alienate those outside the author's field.