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Novel model of filtration performance

Research Achievements

Novel model of filtration performance

Several IGERT students have researched filtration in HVAC systems. IGERT trainee alumnus Michael Waring developed a novel model of filtration performance in buildings and integrated this model with an assessment of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. He utilized the work of IGERT affiliate alumnus John VerShaw on filter bypass. Trainee Brent Stephens conducted a detailed assessment of the energy implications of filtration in homes. His findings challenge conventional wisdom that higher efficiency filters require greater energy use. Affiliate Federico Noris explored the use of filters as sampling devices for indoor contaminants. Federico is one of the few researchers who have been able to extract fungal and bacterial DNA from dust samples. Interdisciplinary aspects include inclusion of dissertation committee members from chemical engineering, biology, and architecture, as well as use of multidisciplinary university-wide resources such as the ICMB DNA sequencing facility.