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IGERT trainee research network

Research Achievements

IGERT trainee research network

We are pleased with the research network created by our IGERT program this year. Three of our trainees, Dan Katz, Jon Zelner and Mike Bommarito, have become close collaborators on a number of projects.

We mention just one here: A Mathematical Approach to the Study of the United States Code, 2010. Forthcoming, Physica A. In this paper they show how to apply complexity measures to the United States Code. This enables quantitative analysis of the complexity of law.

They have also constructed a network model linking all cases argued before the U.S. Supreme Court which has been cited by the media including The New York Times, The Financial Times and U.S. New and World Report. This year they expanded their research to include studies of U.S. health care reform and data mining theory and methods. Their educational and research blog is