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International collaborative research in Tanzania

Research Achievements

International collaborative research in Tanzania

Trainee Joseph Holler conducted international collaborative research at Jane Goodall Institute Internship in Tanzania, January 5, 2009 to July 30, 2009. His research interests include participatory GIS, community development, ecosystem conservation, human and environment interactions, water resource management, and water rights. He used the time in Tanzania to develop a dissertation topic involving fieldwork in an East African country. In Dar es Salaam, Joe attended student group activities, making presentations about geography, GIS and GPS, and developing educational activities. In February, he moved to Moshi and began research on environmental, water, and developmental issues on Mount Kilimanjaro. Under IGERT international support, Joe developed his dissertation proposal, conducted some preliminary research, established important contacts and relationships, and gained experience in participatory GIS, environmental education, and politics of development and conservation in Tanzania.