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Model of population-environment interactions

Research Achievements

Model of population-environment interactions

Drawing on skills from a new CPC-IGERT course offered by IGERT faculty fellow Stephen Walsh, students from ecology, geography, and public health combined their efforts and disciplinary comparative advantage to build an agent-based model of population-environment interactions, resulting in a manuscript which is forthcoming in Population and Environment.

*Miller, B. W., Breckheimer, I., *McCleary, A. L., *Guzmán-Ramirez, L., *Caplow, S. C., Jones-Smith, J. C., & Walsh, S. J. (Forthcoming). Using stylized agent-based models for population-environment research: A case study from the Galápagos Islands. Population and Environment. Published online May 4,2010. DOI:10.1007/s11111-010-0110-4