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Trainee completes internship with CCWEP

Research Achievements

Trainee completes internship with CCWEP

Caroline Druschke completed an internship with Clear Creek Watershed Enhancement Project (CCWEP), a collaboration that includes Iowa Department of Natural Resources, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Johnson County Soil & Water Conservation District. Clear Creek runs 25 miles through agricultural and urban land in Iowa, draining 65,000 acres before emptying into the Iowa River, named one of America's most endangered rivers. CCWEP encourages agricultural watershed landowners to adopt conservation practices on their land. Caroline coordinated a watershed-wide women landowners meeting and designed and implemented a survey of all landowners. Her project synthesizes methods from social science (survey design and distribution) and anthropology (ethnography) with analyses informed by rhetoric, ecology, gender and women's studies, and geography. She is currently analyzing her results for publication and will present her work at the IGERT Annual meeting in May, 2010.