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Chitosan in glucosamine units

Research Achievements

Chitosan in glucosamine units

MILES IGERT Co-director Dr. Susan Duncan and MILES trainee Sabrina Hannah have studied two types of chitosan differing in molecular weight and variation in glucosamine units as encapsulating material for fish oil. Microcapsules of fish oil in chitosan were formed by spray drying at two different oil load levels. Oxidative stability of the fish oil and interaction of fish oil and chitosan were studied. The type of chitosan and the oil load both affected the oil droplet size and encapsulating efficiency during the process and the final microcapsule properties. Lower levels of glucosamine units and lower molecular weight of the microcapsules structures provided better incorporation of lipid into the microcapsule structure and higher encapsulation efficiency. However, microcapsules with more glucosamine units were better able to withstand oxidation.