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Pilot course developed and offered

Research Achievements

Pilot course developed and offered

A pilot course, "Integrated Energy Challenges and Opportunities," has been developed and was offered during the Spring 2010 Semester in collaboration with the other energy-related IGERT (Renewable and Sustainable Fuels Solutions) based at RU. The course provides an overview of clean energy options including solar, biofuels, fuel cells, carbon sequestration, smart grid, etc. as well as the basics of energy policy and economics. Lectures were provided by faculty at both Rutgers and Princeton from the engineering, arts and sciences and public policy schools. The course will continue to be offered in the spring semester at a graduate level and will become the first semester of IC4, a required course for IGERT trainees. The planning stages for the next new IGERT course has been completed. It will offered in the next academic year.