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Trainees participate in outreach activities

Research Achievements

Trainees participate in outreach activities

IGERT trainees participated in numerous educational activities and research conferences, along with various outreach opportunities. For example almost all of the trainees, participated in UPitt's Blue, Gold, and Green sustainability festival. The trainees mentored several undergraduate student researchers.

Mr. Dale is actively engaged in Engineers for a Sustainable World at the national level as Director of Communications, Collaborations & Technology; additionally, he is TEDx Project - Organizer, TEDx UniPittsburgh. Ms. DeLeo gave a motivational presentation to the 6th through 9th grade middle school students at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. Ms. Niblick led three high school students through the literature review, lab testing, and product development phases of a portable drinking water filtration system as participant in UPitt's Research Experiences for Teachers.