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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition

Project Profile

IGERT: Non- Equilibrium Dynamics Across Space and Time: A common Approach for Engineers, Earth Scientists, Ecologists

University of Minnesota at Twin Cities


This IGERT training grant will bring together scholars of ecology, civil engineering, and the earth sciences to study the interplay between landscape changes and ecosystem processes across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales and across interfaces with an emphasis on non-equilibrium dynamics. Changes in the abiotic and… more »


Project members' contributions to the library and showcase are listed here.
Title Category Type Posted At
Evening methane emission pulses from a boreal wetland correspond to convective mixing in hollows Library Article, Student research 06/27/13
Experimental study of the impact of large-scale wind farms on land–atmosphere exchanges Library Article 01/23/13
Eco-Routing with Spatial Big Data Showcase Highlight 12/18/12
Bioremediation potential in aquatic environments Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Role of biodegradation in accumulation of hydrocarbons Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Micropollutants in biosolids Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainees receive academic awards Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainees graduate Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainees awarded fellowships Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainee receives travel award Showcase Achievement 12/18/12