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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition

Project Profile

Globalization and International Development

Columbia University


The IGERT program at Columbia University will be a new interdisciplinary graduate training program in the study of globalization and international development. Globalization can be a powerful engine for international development, but in many developing countries globalization has instead meant rising poverty and inequality. Columbia has brought together a distinguished… more »


Project members' contributions to the library and showcase are listed here.
Title Category Type Posted At
Students in Economics and Political Science collaborate on research examining the effects of opportunity cost on candidate supply in Uganda Showcase Highlight 11/28/10
Effectiveness of UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Trainees awarded grant from Columbia University Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Trainee honored for research accomplishments Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Effectiveness of community empowerment groups Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Implementing an Indian English curriculum Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Inequality and economic growth Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Trainee attends Minerva Summer School Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Strengthening scrutiny of public finances Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Cambridge scholar works as informal advisor Showcase Achievement 03/24/10